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Batches 116 & 117

Batch Scores and Information (Lab tests are posted above)

We received all 10 batches on one shipment. In the past we would import one batch every 2-3 months. Our recent shipment seems to have less variation between batches than we’re accustomed to. So many of the batches are quite similar. If you want to ensure variation between batches, a smart way to shop would be to go off the mitragynine scores. For example, 1.76, 1.14, and 1.55 would likely have the most variation. 

Batch CK061722000116 – 1.47% mitragynine (Overall Score 9.3)

Potency – 9.2 / Flavor/Aroma – 9.4 / Green color – 9.2 / Powder consistency – 9.4

Notes: Great flavor, light green color, high potency

Batch CK061722000117 – 1.63% mitragynine (Overall score 9.2)

Potency – 9.3 / Flavor/Aroma – 9.0 / Green color – 9.4 / Powder consistency – 9.1

Notes: High potency, dark green color 


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