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Why Crisp?

What makes Crisp the absolute best kratom powder on the market? Unrivaled dedication. That’s what!

Six years of importing experience combined with daily kratom use has turned us into powder aficionadio’s. It wasn’t long after we began selling kratom that we realized that we were in a unique opportunity to learn and observe kratom in a way that very few had – because we were both importers and users! We did not take that opportunity for granted, and with an eager thirst to get better, we soon discovered practices that not only translate to cleaner and safer product, but a more potent one as well. We also identified hazards within the industry, hazards which are common but often neglected by our competition.

Many kratom users and vendors often underestimate the fact that there is a real manufacturing process involved when turning fresh kratom leaves into powder. The leaves must be harvested, dried, and processed into powder; and the truth is, many Indonesians (where nearly all of the world’s kratom is imported from) have practices that are beneath the standards of consumers. While we love to boast about how good our kratom is, it might be a better sales pitch for us to explain to you just how unsanitary and unsafe most of the industries kratom is, and why there is a need for transparent vendors who are ensuring certain manufacturing standards.

Most of the kratom industry dries leaves on the grounds outdoors. This exposes users to added risk of food born illness such as salmonella and ecoli. However, this is not even the biggest issue. In our professional opinion, the biggest safety hazard is the machinery used to turn dried leaves into powder. Many of the Indonesians are using outdated, gas powered machinery that erode microscopic dust sized particles of metal into the kratom. A google search of sharp metal in kratom will bring up some frightening results.

For this reason, we have put a lot of time and energy into locating the processors with the newest and safest machinery. Making sure our kratom is processed by new machinery is our number one priority. Because what good is a potent product when it has metal in it?

Another control we have in place is that we have also located farmers and manufacturers who partake in indoor drying, which is a far superior practice. Make sure to read about indoor vs outdoor drying to learn more!

Overall, the kratom industry has low manufacturing standards and like many industries, consumers are far too trusting. When you consider that Indonesia is a third world country, and that kratom is actually a gray area product over there also, it makes sense that there would be low standards.

And these low standards are actually enabled by the industry in a variety of ways. Firstly, all the different “strains” give suppliers great leeway to manufacture kratom however they want to. Leaves can be neglected in the sun and left to brown, and the supplier can name it “chocolate bali”, and if it sounds appealing, people will buy it up. Make sure to read the truth about strains to learn why strains are entirely made up for marketing, and to better understand the effects of kratom.

Another way low manufacturing standards are enabled is that unfortunately a lot of users don’t know what to look for when evaluating a product. Many if not most kratom users evaluate quality solely off of the effects it provides them. In our professional opinion, this is not a good way to review quality because it completely disregards manufacturing standards. Kratom should be judged off the color, consistency (smooth texture indicates freshness), smell, and flavor. All of these characteristics tell a story of how fresh the kratom is. Believe it or not, you can discern a lot of things from the smell, taste and consistency of powder. Indoor dried kratom will usually have a sweeter aroma and flavor. Indoor dried kratom powder will also have a higher moisture content (since it is protected from the sun) and the consistency will be smoother. Sometimes you can discern when low quality machinery was used as well. A lot of the kratom powder on the market has a foul, gassy odor to it which indicates that older, gas powered machines were used.

Any Indonesian can pick a potent leaf, dry it on the floors outside, grind it in an old machine, and believe it or not, many kratom users will say the quality is great. Some of the worst manufacturers with bottom of the barrel operations are getting positive feedback on their quality. At the same time, a super fresh, bright green product that was manufactured with high standards may not be recognized as a quality product when users don’t get the effects they are hoping for.

We feel that judging kratom off of the effects is misleading. Many kratom users are having different experiences, and some are frequently using other medication, or have a past history which can inhibit the effects of kratom. For these reasons, kratom should be judged off of its tangible properties mentioned above. 

Every batch of Crisp is third party lab tested to the AKA’s GMP standards. We can’t guarantee that every batch will be the best kratom you’ve ever had, but over time we will prove to you that we are the most deserving of your hard earned bucks! We are looking for customers who don’t see kratom as a means of partying or getting high, but rather as an herbal supplement that improves their health and well being. Kratom is an herbal tea, not some legal high.

Money is not our top priority, providing you with the absolute best kratom in the world is. We know that if we can do that, the money will come. Doing what we do with a passion adds much more meaning to it!




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