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Crisp Sampler Set

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Enjoy 5 canisters with 14 grams (0.5oz) of Crisp Kratom powder per canister. We will select from the following batches:

CK0216237119 – 1.55% Mitragynine – Overall score 9.2/10

CK02162313120 – 1.58% Mitragynine – Overall score 9.4/10

CK030323DJ121 – 1.41% Mitragynine – Overall score 9.1/10

CK030323SH122 – 1.58% Mitragynine – Overall score 9.4/10


We do everything in our power to provide you with the freshest, greenest, and best kratom we possibly can. How do we do it? By taking the reigns and controlling the manufacturing process where we feel it is most important, that’s how!

The first important measure we take is to ensure that our kratom leaves are dried indoors. Make sure you read about indoor vs. outdoor drying to better understand why this practice is so important when striving for the best quality.

Another, even more important measure we have in place is to make absolutely sure that our leaves are ground by new machinery. This is because most of the Indonesian kratom industry uses outdated grinding machinery that present some real safety hazards to end users. You can tell by the fine grind, cleanliness, and fluffiness of our Crisp powder, that only top quality machinery is used to process our powder every batch of Crisp. We believe that grinding machinery should be every kratom vendors top priority!

Although we trust our farmers, for 100% assurance that our leaves are processed to our standards, we ask our farmers to bring their indoor dried crushed leaves (known as crumbs in Indonesia) to another supplier to be processed into powder. The farmers in the kratom industry tend to live in remote villages along the Hulu Kapuas River. Their processing equipment is usually below our standards. The big processors are in Pontianak, Indonesia. This is pretty much the heart of the kratom industry, and this is where the best processing equipment is. We have located several suppliers with high end machinery, and we feel we are using the best processors right now. 

Just as we do not entrust our farmer to grind the leaves into powder, we do not entrust our processor to provide us with the indoor leaf drying practices. Also, we value the relationship we have with our farmer, and the level of control we are able to get.

This is why we take control of the manufacturing process in these two areas. It is more work on our end, and more costly,  but ever since we did we strongly believe the quality of our kratom has consistently been outstanding.  

So why one strain? Well what we noticed as daily users and vendors of 5 years was that we found ourselves gravitating toward the one batch that we felt was the best in our arsenal. We know a lot of users like to rotate strains, but we have found that when you get a high grade, potent batch of kratom there really is no need to rotate for several weeks if not months. As we further learned the truth about strains in the industry and how strains can enable and encourage low manufacturing standards, we realized that we were going about this all wrong. Why not put all our efforts into sourcing the single highest grade batches we can? That’s what we feel is in the best interest of our customers and  ourselves. We love kratom, and we see an opportunity in being honest and transparent.

We know that our unique stance on kratom might come as a shock to some, or even offend others, but we hope that people will appreciate our passion and dedication for quality. Our goal with the Crisp is to further bring about the fruity flavors and vibrant green color in the kratom leaf. We are approaching the product like the matcha industry approaches tea. After all, kratom is a tea powder!

Every batch of Crisp is 3rd party tested to ensure our customers with a safe and peaceful kratom experience. Over time we know we will prove to each customer that you are riding with the right company when you choose us. Money is not our top priority, and when you read about our business principles, which have been influenced greatly by the politics and culture in this country, we think a lot of kratom users will really appreciate and relate to our principles.


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