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How Is Kratom Powder Made?

Many kratom users and even importers underestimate the manufacturing process that goes into turning kratom leaves to powder. Many people feel they have been misled by modern medicine, and become way too trusting in kratom vendors and suppliers. It is important to know that the manufacturing process for kratom can have many health risks and hazards. In this post we will explain those hazards, and how to ensure you are getting the highest quality and safest product.

After kratom leaves are harvested, they must be dried before they can be pulverized to powder. The drying process can be unsanitary and unsafe. Many farmers will dry their leaves on the grounds outside, sometimes directly on the dirt without a tarp. They will literally rake the leaves through dirt as seen in this video. Because most kratom users solely care about the effects they receive, they unknowingly enable low manufacturing standards. A far superior method of leaf drying is indoor drying. Indoor drying protects the leaves from outdoor contaminants and critters. It also protects the leaves from the suns harmful radiation, resulting in a more potent product with a higher moisture content. More moisture = greater freshness.
Once the leaves are dried, they are turned into crushed leaf, or “crumbs” as it is called in Indonesia. Making crumbs allows grinding machinery to process the leaves into powder easier. However, many of the grinding machines in Indonesia are outdated and dilapidated and pose a number of health risks.
These machines are so old, they can actually erode small pieces of metallic dust that goes unnoticeable in powder. The metal that erodes is iron, a metal that is not tested for in most heavy metals tests. This means a supplier can lab test kratom and not find these metallic pieces of dust. Another issue that can occur from these old machines are sharp pieces of metal breaking off into the kratom.
For this reason we feel it should be every vendors top priority to use new grinding equipment. At Crisp, we have put a lot of time and energy into locating the best grinding machinery.
So many people buy kratom powder, and just think “leaves from jolly farmers”. You should not be so trusting. Kratom is pure and innocent, but mankind is not. Man will always look to cut corners for the sake of profits. Do not blindly trust that your supply chains are safe. Make sure to find a vendor who represents your best interests and ensures you a clean and safe product, like we do!


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