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New batch update 2.17.23

We are going to be changing the way we import and changing our business model a little bit. For the past 3 years we have mostly worked with the same supplier as we believed they were able to sustain the best quality for our order size. What we neglected though was the fact that we are able to achieve better quality by ordering in smaller batch sizes, and creating competition amongst suppliers.
Our supplier told us we needed to order at least 200kg, and would often say 500kg and then we would wait long periods. Shipping would often take 2 months and we started to have to contemplate ordering by sea since the delays were so long. From there we were compromised, because we feel the highest quality kratom comes just days after the leaves are harvested. We just wanted the best but were forced to wait, and forced to order in larger batch sizes. Admittedly we are also encouraged to order in larger batch sizes to keep the costs of lab testing down. Maybe we could have done more to explore other options.
We discovered that we are indeed able to get smaller shipments. We also have created a way to incentivize suppliers that we strongly believe will lead to the absolute best quality. So we will be ordering in 20kg batch sizes to offer a really top tier product. This kratom will not be available in kilo size however. We will also order in larger batch sizes to offer kilos, with the same amazing quality we built our brand on.
Lastly, we will be sourcing domestic kratom and offering great prices on that.
From a business standpoint, importing is honestly not that smart. When we order 200-500kg from Indonesia for example, we pay 3x the price of what we can in USA. Other importers who bring in kratom by sea can offer great rates. We are selective with who we do business with and think we can offer a great value product. Still, we are committed to providing the best quality kratom on the planet, and that can only come through importing.
Stay tuned, we are about to level up and have new, outstanding batches in frequently!


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